Faculty of Medicine University of Miyazaki


Division of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreas Surgery

Since the Miyazaki University opened, the field of hepato-biliary-pancreas surgery has been developed in both first and second department of surgery by each strategy or techniques. Eventually, this group has newly started according to reunion of the department of surgery since April 2016.

At this stage, HBP clinical works is instructed by the professor and chairman, Atsushi Nanashima and the divisions divided by two groups with the associate professor, Yoshiro Fujii and Jiro Ouchida, the assistant professors, Masahide Hiyoshi, Naoya Imamura, Koichi Yano, Takeomi Hamada and Yuki Tsuchimochi as expert staffs. We perform the highly advanced liver and pancreas surgery, operations for biliary maljunctions or endoscopic examinations or treatments in a large number of patients. The laparoscopic liver and pancreas surgery has been also increased under the indication covered by the health insurance.

In the research works, researches for tumor immunology, surgical site infections, preoperative biliary drainage, biliary reconstruction, digestive tract reconstruction after pancreaticoduodenectomy, usefulness of liver GSA scintigraphy have been historically performed. Graduate students were studied the new bio-markers to indicate malignant behaviors in malignancies of the HBP field. As a new research, basic and clinical research trial of photodynamic therapy for bile duct carcinomas is started this year.

Surgical works of HBP surgery has been intensificated to university hospital and the patients are referred from the places in the entire Miyazaki prefecture. By joing the new staffs of the internal medicine specialized biliary and pancreas diseases, the general power of HBP clinics can be improved in the near future. We are waiting for the new young staffs to aim the world level quality together with professor Nanashima and colleagues together!

Professor and Chairman: Atsushi Nanashima, MD, PhD.

Division of the Gastrointestinal, Endocrine and Pediatric Surgery

At the time of April, 2015, the former the first and second department of surgery have been united and the new division of the gastrointestinal, endocrine and pediatric surgery is established.

Group of the gastrointestinal and endocrine surgery

Our clinical works includes the general surgery with the gastrointestinal and endocrine diseases. With respect to the digestive tract diseases as gastric and colorectal cancers, endocrine diseases as thyroid cancers or Basedow diseases (hyperthyroidism), the improvement of treatment efficacy from the preoperative evaluation, perioperative managements to the postoperative treatments are always aimed. We also do efforts for acute difficult abdominal diseases (perforation, obstruction of the intestines and peritonitis) or acute advanced trauma surgery by the collaboration with other surgical staffs, aggressively at every single day.

Not only promoting the expert young surgeons in the field of the gastrointestinal and endocrine surgery but also training surgeons who can correspond the any difficult situations are aimed. For the patients who undergo operation safely in Miyazaki, our staff attempt to do full effort to establish the best surgical group by considering the traditional works and the new advanced skills.

Pediatric group

At this stage, only one expert pediatric surgeon perform surgical works by co-operating of other surgical staffs and the University of Kagoshima. Min diseases are inguinal hernia, undescended testes, Hirschsprung disease, the infant congenital diseases as the diaphragmatic hernia, intestinal atresia, imperforated anus and so on. As emergency diseases, appendicitis or infantile perforation intestines are treated. When the infants with small body weightless than 1000g, my performance is activated in such a case. The young surgeons can experience the wide field of pediatric diseases at our group. This group is good for young doctors who are curious and aggressive for medicines. By co-operating with other members or medical institutes, we aim to contribute the pediatric surgery in Miyazaki as well as possible.

Chairman: Takuto Ikeda, MD, PhD.

Division of Cardiovascular Surgery

This group is instructed by the professor, Kunihide Nakamura (graduated in 1981) and consisted of other six expert surgeons, who perform the daily clinics, education and research works. The main diseases which we treat arecardiac valvular disease, ischemic heart disease as angina or cardiac infarction, congenital heart diseases, thoracic or abdominal aortic aneurysm, atherosclerosis and limb varices. The number of total operation in 2014 was 241 cases including open heart surgery in 136 ((acquired in 114 and congenital in 22), abdominal aneurysm (laparotomy in 24 and stent graft technique in 38) and others (the lower limb reconstruction or varices) in 105 cases. At November 2015, the hybrid operation room has been opened to use and, thus we aim to increase stent-graft treatments or trans-catheter aortic valve treatments. Dr Syuhei Sakaguchi (graduated in 2009) went to learn at Fukuoka municipal children hospital and Katsuya Kawagoe (2009, graduated at Yamaguchi University) joined the cardiovascular group of Miyazaki city and county hospital this year.

With respect to research works, graduate students, Masanori Nishimura (2002 graduated at Shimane University) studies mechanism of atherosclerosis at the department of Pathology (prof Asada group), Atsuko Yokota (2004) studies the mechanism of vascular contractions at the first department of pharmacology of Kyusyu health and wealfare university (prof Ryuuichi Yamamoto) and Mitsuyuki Furukawa (1995 graduated at Yamaguchi university) are newly going to study

The present cardiovascular group adopts the latest treatments and performs the research works with good balance of performances. Recently, young surgeons join our department and the associated hospitals have been increased. Our performance is still insufficient and, however, we attempt to work by self-efforts to aim the world standard levels.

Professor and Chairman: Kunihide Nakamura, MD, PhD.

Division of the Thoracic and Breast surgery

Since April 2015, the department of Surgery was newly established and the division of respiratory and breast surgery has been started. The associate professor, Masaki Tomita (Hospital professor, graduated in 1988), the assistant professor, Takanori Ayabe (hospital associate professorat the section of medical safety management graduated in 1991), the associate professor Eiichi Chosa (graduated in 1992 and colleagues performed the outpatient clinic, the ward clinic and related education or research works. The main subject diseases are pulmonary diseases including lung carcinoma, tracheal or bronchial tumor, pneumothorax, thoracic wall tumor, mediatinal tumor, diaphragmatic diseases and thoracic trauma. The number of operation ahs been increased. Although the clinical staffs are chronically insufficient, the expert surgeons spend the great works by the full manpower day by day. The new resident has not belonged and, however, Dr. Hiroki Mori (graduated in 2012), Mayumi Kawasaki (2012) et al. joined to be a respiratory surgeon recently, who activate the department atmospheres.

In the clinical research, the induction chemotherapy for lung cancers, identification of prognostic tumor markers, the chemotherapy combined hyperthermia for thoracic disseminated malignant diseases have been progressed. Under the insufficient manpower, these works were established as well as possible. Even though thi situations, The seven English articles were published last year, and still the five articles have been accepted in-press this year.

As a new department, the professor Nanashima was invited since this April and were going to do full efforts to develop surgical works in Miyazaki. As one of these trial, the conference regarding respiratory and breast surgery in Miyazaki or other attempts have been started. Breast cancer patients tended to have the variety of anxiety with respect to operation or anti-cancer chemotherapy, tumor recurrence, cosmetic problems of surgical wounds, the lymphatic edema, mental or economic problems and so on. We aim to solve these problems together with the warm hearts in these patients.

Our department provides the nationwide standard examination, operation, chemotherapy and brachytherapy according to the Japan guideline. Furthermore, the adequate treatments are always considered and undergone in each patient. We recommend to consult our department if the patients with breast diseases are aware of the daily life. Please come to our hospital with ease mind. Again, the chronic lack of staffs is continued and, however, we aim to go forward by talking the attractive surgical works to medical students or internship young doctors to join our team.

Chairman: Masaki Tomita, MD, PhD.

Division of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a field of wound repair expert division to improve the patient condition by operation cosmetically or functionally, or to improve the patient quality of life. Therefore, the field of treatment is variety in the entire body.

In detail:
・Face trauma, fracture or postoperative deformation
・Scars (contracture, thickness, keloid)
・Anomaly of head, face, the body, limb as congenital drooping eyelid, synpolydactyly
・Benign neoplasm as stain, nevus, atheroma, hemangioma etc.
・Reconstructions after wide resection for malignant diseases
・Incurable dermal ulceration
・Others(deformation of nails, face paralysis, drooping eyelid by aging, body odor etc.)

We can consult any other diseases at the body surface by the plastic surgical treatments.

Our group has chances to co-operate with other divisions and the high level of quality can be provided by facing each patient with warm heart as the expertized team. We also contribute the department of surgery in Miyazaki by performing high quality medicine. Please come and join us!

Chairman: Hiroshi Ito, MD, PhD.