Faculty of Medicine University of Miyazaki


ARIMORI Kazuhiko, Ph.D.,



We have been conducting various practices such as dispensing, drug management, drug information, sterilized drug preparation, therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical pharmaceutical care in wards.  Our clinical mission is to provide the high-grade clinical pharmaceutical services as a university hospital and/or a special functioning hospital to patients.  The department is responsible for instruction of undergraduate and graduate students in the school of medicine and pharmaceutical science and for instruction of clinical training of a special pharmacist for oncology.  In the department pharmacy, we have several theme on clinical studies such as pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics and effective and toxicity of drugs.

Main clinical research projects

  1. Effect of hepatocyte growth factor on functional changes of transporters and metabolic enzymes
  2. Study on physiologic and pathologic factors related to the expression of membrane transport proteins influencing drug response
  3. Study aimed at clinical application of cancer chemotherapy by combination treatment of anticancer drugs with caffeine
  4. Study on genetic polymorphism


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