Faculty of Medicine University of Miyazaki


At the University of Miyazaki Hospital Department of Dermatology, founded in 1977, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment are performed while coordinating operations with various departments as a core hospital of Miyazaki prefecture.
The department provides specialized treatment for diseases including skin cancer and severe burns, as well as skin disorders such as psoriasis vulgaris, atopic dermatitis and phacomatosis.
The department conducts twice-weekly teaching rounds and ward conferences, weekly diagnostics at clinical conferences, makes decisions on treatment strategies and evaluates therapeutic outcomes.

Particularly strong areas

  • Pathodiagnosis of the skin, and multimodal treatment for conditions including severe burns, skin cancer, and phacomatosis.

Ongoing clinical research

  • Analysis of the underlying mechanism of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma skin invasion
  • The relationship between propionibacterium acne and lupus miliaris disseminatus feciei

Overseas cooperation

  • Miami University, Florida State, United States