Faculty of Medicine University of Miyazaki

Histochemistry and Cell Biology

Yoshitaka Hishikawa, MD., Ph.D.



Our research focus is cell kinetics of mRNA, DNA, protein and transcriptional factors, at the cellular and tissue levels by using molecular histochemical and molecular biological methods.

Research projects

  1. Advances in in situ hybridization techniques
  2. Estrogen regulation on mitochondrial dynamics
  3. Estrogen effect in cellular kinetics during the liver regeneration
  4. Epigenetic regulation in of inflammatory bowel disease

Laboratory Techniques

  1. Molecular histochemical methods (In situ hybridization, Immunohistochemistry, Southwestern histochemistry)
  2. Gene transfection by electroporation method (in vivo & in vitro)

International Collaboration

  1. Department of Medical Research, Lower and Upper Myanmar, Myanmar
  2. Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, Mongolia
  3. National Cheng Kun University (Taiwan)
  4. Nong Lam University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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  2. Yamaguchi Y, Madhyastha H, Madhyastha R, Choijookhuu N, Hishikawa Y, Pengjam Y, Nakajima Y, Maruyama M.: Arsenic acid inhibits proliferation of skin fibroblasts, and increases cellular senescence through ROS mediated MST1-FOXO signaling pathway. J Toxicol Sci. 41:105-113, 2016
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(For more information: http://www.med.miyazaki-u.ac.jp/home/anatomy1eng)