Faculty of Medicine University of Miyazaki

Psychiatric Nursing

Associate professor: Keiko Aoishi


Assistant Professor: Hiroki Tanoue


We lecture on, exercise and provide practical training of mental health, psychiatric nursing and home care nursing.


We focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and strength-based nursing care. We launch a study group to research and practice CBT while learning CBT from medical and welfare professionals simultaneously.


Home nursing care is a nursing service provided in patient’s home. Regardless of illness or disability, it enables individuals to live in a home receiving recuperative care until the very end by providing support inter-occupationally. We research and give lectures on the support methodology of home nursing care.

Main Subjects

  • Home health care nursing
  • Home health care nursing training
  • Mental health nursing
  • Mental health nursing training
  • Epidemiology & health statistics
  • Nursing research

Research Projects

  1. Physiological and Psychological Verification of the Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group Program for Depression
  2. Developing and evaluation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training programs for psychiatric home visit nurses.


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