Faculty of Medicine University of Miyazaki

Public Health

Public health is an important science for protecting the health of people. And this is concerning lifestyle related diseases, world’s horrible infections, the health insurance system, care for elderly, and industrial health closely. The most important objectives in Japan are prevention of lifestyle related diseases and sustaining the national health insurance system. Therefore we study the protective way for lifestyle related diseases and evaluation of the national health insurance. And knowledge of clinical medicine and epidemiology are significant for our studies.

Research subjects in our department are:

  1. The relation between some gene polymorphisms and carcinogenesis
  2. Induction of autoantibody with injection of mineral oil
  3. The evaluation for health insurance system
  4. Cohort study for children concerned with chemical agents
  5. Mathematical model for some infections

The techniques and knowledge required for our studies are:

  1. Epidemiology and statistics
  2. Method to detect gene polymorphisms
  3. Methodology of cohort study
  4. Making mathematical model

International and institutional collaboration:

  1. Member of All Japan Research (Japan Environment and Children’s study)
  2. Collaborative study on the relation between mineral oil and autoantibodies with University of Occupational and Environmental Health.


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