Faculty of Medicine University of Miyazaki

Fundamental Nursing


We provide with various subjects of fundamental nursing education as well as doing researches. Our main focuses are such theory and methodology that is fundamental to the body of nursing science theory and nursing practice as well as fundamental theory of system and management to effectively supply high quality nursing service. We also emphasize on reciprocal action between human health and in vivo/external environment, and theory and nursing aid, which is an integration of theory and nursing practice that is fundamental of nursing science. (Professor Satoe Higashi, R.N.,M.Ed, Professor Seiji Nemoto,R.N.,Ph.D, Professor Yukiko Kai ,R.N.,Ph.D, Associate Professor Yuriko Okawa,R.N.,M.S.N)

Charge Lecture

  1. Principle of Nursing
  2. Nursing Theories
  3. Science of Nursing Education
  4. Nursing Administration
  5. Safety Healthcare
  6. Nursing Technique
  7. Structure and Function of Human Body
  8. Nursing Research

Research Projects

  1. Study on continuing nursing education
  2. Study on the conceptual model for nursing  Practice
  3. Study on job attitude of Patient Safety Officers
  4. Studies on the safety of medical organization
  5. Study of sensory function and  modification of cognition under various living environment
  6. Study on influence of the cognitive appetite by the sensory function
  7. Study of Physiological and Psychological Responses by massage therapy
  8. A study of empowerment of nurses in End of life care for end-stage patients
  9. Visualization of the physical load with activities of daily living and application to a nursing technique

Research Subjects

  1. A  Phenomenological Method of Understanding “Illness” in Nursing (2009)
  2. A Comparison of Constructs in Two Questionnaires for Measuring Clinical Nursing Competence (2012)
  3. Examination of Empowerment Factor of Nurses Involved in End-of-life Care for Terminal  Cancer Patients (2012)
  4. Importance of Job Continuity in Performance of Patient Safety Officers?Based on comparative survey by extent of experience using “Job Attitude Scale for Patient Safety Officers” ? (2012)
  5. Electromyography analysis of the trapezius muscles in shoulder stiffness – Visualization of  specific muscle activity based on myogenic potential – (2014)