MC:Training Course for Researchers of Life Science

The Training Course for Researchers of Life Science aims to develop graduates that can play an active role as a life science researcher or educator in medical and veterinary medicine fields and studious scientific-minded graduates in animal husbandry that can respond to zoonotic infection and other infectious diseases. It is intended as a bridge for graduates of the Course to continue on to the Doctoral Program of the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine after acquiring broad-ranging knowledge in life science fields. Those taking the Course will learn essential basic techniques for medical or veterinary medicine research and acquire the basic foundation for conducting research as an independent researcher.

DEGREE: Master’s (Medical Science), Master’s (Animal Biomedical Science)


Medical Science

Affiliated Division/DepartmentRepresentative Staff
Histochemistry and Cell Biology(Anatomy)Yoshitaka HISHIKAWA
Ultrastructural Cell Biology (Anatomy)Akira SAWAGUCHI
Neurobiology (Anatomy)To be announced
Integrative Physiology (Medical Sciences)Kogo TAKAMIYA
Cardiovascular Physiology (Medical Sciences)Nozomi WATAMABE
Vascular and Cellular Dynamics (Medical Sciences)To be announced
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Medical Sciences)Hideki NISHITOH
Pharmacology(Medical Sciences)Ryu TAKEYA
Chemistry(Medical Sciences)XU yan
Structural biology(Medical Sciences)Kei WADA
Division of Functional Analysis for Bioactive Peptides
(Frontier Science Research Center)
Division for Identification and Analysis of Bioactive Peptides (Frontier Science Research Center)Johji KATO
Pathophysiology (Pathology)Atsushi YAMASHITA
Oncopathology and Regenerative Biology (Pathology)To be announced
Microbiology (Infectious Diseases)Ryuichiro ATARASHI
Parasitology (Infectious Diseases)Haruhiko MARUYAMA
Immunology (Infectious Diseases)Katsuaki SATO
Public Health (Social Medicine)Yoshiki KURODA
Legal Medicine (Social Medicine)Nobuhiro YUKAWA
Cardiovascular Medicine and Nephrology (Internal Medicine)Koichi KAIKITA
Hematology, Diabetes, and Endocrinology (Internal Medicine)Kazuya SHIMODA
Respirology, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases, and Neurology (Internal Medicine)Taiga MIYAZAKI
Gastroenterology and Hepatology(Internal Medicine)Hiroshi KAWAKAMI
Hepato-biliary-pancreas Surgery (Surgery)Atsushi NANASHIMA
Cardiovascular Surgery (Surgery)Koji FURUKAWA
Urology (Department of Developmental and Urological-Reproductive Medicine)Toshiyuki KAMOTO
Neurosurgery (Clinical Neuroscience)Hideo TAKESHIMA
Pediatrics (Department of Developmental and Urological-Reproductive Medicine)Hiroshi MORITAKE
Obstetrics and Gynecology (Department of Developmental and Urological-Reproductive Medicine)Shinji KATSURAGI
Orthopaedic Surgery (Medicine of Sensory and Motor Organs)Etsuo CHOSA
Dermatology (Medicine of Sensory and Motor Organs)Masahiro AMANO
Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Medicine of Sensory and Motor Organs)Kuniyuki TAKAHASHI
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Medicine of Sensory and Motor Organs)Yoshihiro YAMASHITA
Radiology (Pathophysiological Diagnosis and Therapy)Minako AZUMA
Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (Pathophysiological Diagnosis and Therapy)Isao TSUNEYOSHI
Critical Care and Disaster Medicine (Pathophysiological Diagnosis and Therapy)Hidenobu OCHIAI
Psychiatry (Clinical Neuroscience)Yasushi ISHIDA
Ophthalmology (Medicine of Sensory and Motor Organs)Yasuhiro IKEDA
Department of PharmacyRyuji IKEDA
Division of Bio-Resources, Department of Biotechnology (Frontier Science Research Center)Chihiro KOSHIMOTO
Center for Medical Education and Career DevelopmentHiroyuki KOMATSU
Division of RI Research, Department of Biotechnology (Frontier Science Research Center)Takuya SHIOTA
Division for Identification and Analysis of Bioactive Peptides (Frontier Science Research Center)Takanori IDA

Veterinary Science

Affiliated Division/DepartmentRepresentative Staff
Veterinary AnatomyMasahiro YASUDA
Veterinary PhysiologyKeiko NAKAHARA
Veterinary PhysiologyKeisuke MARUYAMA
Veterinary PharmacologyMasahiro IKEDA
Veterinary PharmacologyHiroko SONODA
Veterinary PathologyTakuya HIRAI
Animal HealthMasuo SUEYOSHI
Veterinary MicrobiologyTamaki OKABAYASHI
Veterinary MicrobiologyAkatsuki SAITO
Veterinary Public HealthTo be announced
Veterinary Public HealthKentaro YAMADA
Veterinary SurgeryYuichi HIDAKA
Veterinary Internal MedicineTatsuyuki Osuga
Agricultural Animal MedicineReiichiro SATO
TheriogenologyTakeshi OSAWA
TheriogenologyGo KITAHARA
Veterinary Clinical RadiologyHiroyuki SATO
Veterinary ParasitologyAyako YOSHIDA
Veterinary ParasitologyTakao IRIE
Veterinary Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyKoichiro NISHINO
Veterinary Teaching HospitalKiyokazu NAGANOBU
Animal Infectious Disease and PreventionTo be announced
Animal Infectious Disease and PreventionSatoshi SEKIGUCHI
Veterinary Genetics and InformaticsYoshihito NIIMURA
Division of Genetic Resources, Department of Biotechnology (Frontier Science Research Center)Tetsuro KATAYAMA
Center for Animal Disease Control (CADIC)Hirohisa MEKATA