Message from the Dean

Humans are facing problems such as infectious diseases, climate changes, and food supply on a global scale that are threatening life phenomena these days. On the personal level, we must overcome problems such as cancers, intractable diseases, and disorders due to aging. In April 2010, the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, one of its kind that integrated medicine and veterinary medicine in Japan, was established.

In graduate school, research guidance promoting highly innovative research is provided by medical and veterinary faculty members who share common concepts and research techniques with different perspectives. The graduate school aims to foster doctors, veterinarians, and researchers with a deep understanding of life phenomena and human activities to tackle the problems.

The graduate students pursue fundamental research and clinical research under the supervision of faculty members. Students acquire scientific thinking and practical research methods from conducting research and writing academic papers. The papers aim not only to be read by people but also to be disseminated worldwide. It brings incomparable joy getting people around the world to know about the new facts or answers discovered in the research.

At the Graduate School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, many working graduate students and international students work hard day and night on their research. The faculty and staff are committed to supporting students in gaining experiences in a highly diverse environment and leading fulfilling lives after graduation.

Come and join us to start enjoyable research in this full of hope and lively graduate school.

MARUYAMA, Haruhiko, Dean
Graduate School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine