Margot BEKHUIS – マーゴット ベクハウス(2013年留学終了)

氏名 Margot Bekhuis
職種 Student (master)
略歴 BSc Biology、with a minor in Medical Biology. Currently doing the master Medical Biology at the Radboud University Nijmegen
所属学会 Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands)
出身地 Wierden (Netherlands)
誕生日 22 December
血液型 A+
動物占い Black Panther (I didn’t even know a zodiac sign like this existed!). Chinese zodiac: Snake、European zodiac: Capricorn
好きなもの Cute things、nature、warmth、sleeping、eating
好きな色 Green (most of the time)、but I like all colors
好きな食べ物 Onigiri、most food associated with festivities、apples、tea、chocolate、sweet stuff in general
苦手な食べ物 Milk、coffee、Brussels sprouts、boiled chicory
好きな俳優 Don’t know、depends on my mood and the movie
特技 Concentration? Or maybe a better description: being able to withstand/ignore even the most annoying people (my younger brother is the only person that was able to make me angry (happened 3 times)
宮崎の好きなとこ The people、weather、the view of palm trees
今一番興味のあることは? Crocheting; making soft、cute things
リラックス方法は Reading、dozing off (preferably in the sun on the grass)、surfing on the internet、gardening、crocheting、eating
座右の銘 Don’t have one、but sometimes I have recurrent thoughts like "you did that yourself、why complain?" when people do stupid things
最近の野望 Finding a way to eat without tooth decay
一日だけ願い事が叶うなら Enjoy my life even more
一億円あったら何に使う? Buy a nice house with a big garden and some expensive jewelry
十年後の自分は何をしてる? I hope I will be a post-doctoral researcher、owning a house with a garden、who gains a little bit of extra money by selling crocheted stuff
テレビに出たいですか? No、not at this point in my life. Maybe behind the scenes.
欠かさず見ているTV番組は? I mostly watch movies、the only series I watch now is The Big Bang Theory. Most of the time I prefer using my laptop over the television.
研究していてよかったことは? I really like it when things work out
研究していてつらかったことは? Deadlines (and recently making gels)
研究をやめようと思ったことは? No、but I barely started (sometimes when I’m in a bad mood I wish my life was less demanding、but that never lasts long because I chose to live like this
あなたにとって、分子生物学とは何ですか? A really nice way to be surprised sometimes (and to surprise other people)
何か一言 When there was face paint for children at any festival、instead of being painted as a normal animal or a princess or something like that、 wanted to be a blue-green sea monster 😀 Still seems a nice thing to be.