Abhishikta BASU – バス アビシクタ

氏名 バス アビシクタ Abhishikta Basu
職種 Ph.D. student
略歴 M.Sc. Microbiology.
出身地 Kolkata India.
誕生日 7th September 1980.
血液型 B positive.
動物占い Leo according to Indian astrology and Libra according to sunshine.
好きなもの Listening to music Watching thriller movies Visiting new places Knowing new cultures Doing art and crafts Participating in cultural programmes.
好きな色 Baby pink Lavender all shades of bright colours white and black.
好きな食べ物 Biryani fish-fry any dish of Hilsa fish gulab jamoons pastries pakoda and phuchka (depending on weather and mood).
苦手な食べ物 Milk with malai and boiled Ladies finger.
好きな俳優 Hritthik Roshan Amir Khan in Bollywood Hugh Jackman Hugh Grant Pierce Brosnan to name a few in Hollywood.
特技 Making Ambigrams.
宮崎の好きなとこ ?  The amiable local people fields of beautiful flowers and flower laden Sakura trees.
今一番興味のあることは? My Ph.D work.
リラックス方法は Watch movies (indoor) and visit new places (outdoor).
座右の銘 To gain and impart quality knowledge.
最近の野望 To complete my Ph.D. soon with grace and good publication.
一日だけ願い事が叶うなら To take my family on a world tour.
一億円あったら何に使う? I will become an entrepreneur to accomodate jobless people.
十年後の自分は何をしてる? I will become a Professor of a reputed institution and guide my students in my own laboratory.
欠かさず見ているTV番組は? `How it's made' on Discovery Science channel.
研究していてよかったことは? Innovativeness.
研究していてつらかったことは? The unknown reason of haulted work.
研究をやめようと思ったことは? No.
あなたにとって、分子生物学とは何ですか? Tool to unfold the mystery of the intrinsic processes happening inside our bodies as well as to generate GMO for the benefit of world.
何か一言 Praise the lord for everything.