Welcome to Kenmochi Lab

We, at the Frontier Science Research Center-RI University of Miyazaki, focus on the key word RIBOSOME: an essential component of every living cell.
Our research activities are diversified and we work on various themes such as development of animal models for ribosome-associated human diseases, functional analysis of introns, functional analysis of non-coding RNAs, database construction and so on.

What’s New!!

Shiratani’s feast was held.

we had a new year’s party.

I visited Thailand for the Bo degree review.

Uechi-san, we had a celebration party for Mr. Shiota.

international students came from China.I will go on to master’s program from April next year.

The students came from Egypt in the summer program.The laboratory assignment joined the group and became lively.

The RNA Society was held by Prof. Fujiwara at Kindai University.At the social gathering, a demolition show of the tuna was held.

The farewell party of the International Student Bo (Kuwadee Parasin) was held.If you go back to the Thailand, please do well.

we had a new year’s party.Challenge handmade pots in the lab.It was very delicious.

Research Fellow (ex) Anirban papers “Cross talk between TP53 and c-Myc in the pathophysiology of Diamond-Blackfan anemia: Evidence … From RPL11-deficient in vivo and in Vitromodels “has been publish.

the bilateral seminar “International Meeting on Non-Mammalian models in Biomedical research” by Prof. Kenmochi and former research fellow Chakra Borti: Current Status and Future Perspectives “was held.

Dr. Bo (International Student) advisor from the University of Sonkula, Thailand. Chotigeat visited.

In the 2017/07/26
summer program, six foreign students worked on the zebrafish experiment.

the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Kenmochi Laboratory was held.

Functional Control Laboratory joint research with the field of material science “Characterization of human telomere RNA G-quadruplex structures in vitro and in living cells Using 19F NMR spectroscopy “was accepted.

Joint research on Diamond Black fan anemia (Hirosaki university, etc.) “Exome sequencing identified RPS15A as a novel causative gene for Diamond-Bla It was accepted as “Ckfan anemia”.

from Prince of Sonkula University in Thailand, Kuwadee Parasin came as an international student.It will be a fruitful year.

The RNAcentral Consortium as a member of the Snopy Database papers “A comprehensive database of non-coding RNA sequences” It was publish as it is.I’m glad.

Joint research papers with Pediatrics “TBCD may be a causal gene in progressive neurodegenerative encephalopathy with atypical infantile SPI NAL muscular atrophy “was accepted.

Taro Toyama, who taught in the laboratory individually, won the gold medal at the International Biology Olympics.

I participated in the International RNA Society “RNA2016″ held in Kyoto.