Rheumatology and Infectious Disease

Information for Exchange Students



Name of the department: Department of Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases and Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

Head of the department: Professor Akihiko Okayama, MD, PhD

Tutor(s): Professor Akihiko Okayama, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor Yasuhiro Nagatomo, MD

Language(s): English and Japanese

Duration: one week

Period of year: Except July-September

Acceptable number of students (per period): 1 student/ doctor


Clinical training:

・Diagnostic procedures including laboratory tests and treatments of patients with rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematodes, vasculitis, etc) through the clinical practice in the ward.

・Management of the patients with hospital acquired infection.

Requirements (if special knowledge is needed): No special knowledge is needed.


Further information from:

Professor Akihiko Okayama, MD, PhD