Anesthesiology and Intensive Care(Clinical)

Information for Exchange Students



Name of the department: Departments of Anesthesiology and Intensive care, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki

Name of the research project:  Effects of remifentanil on cardiovascular and sympathetic functions in conscious rats

Head of the department: Professor Isao Tsuneyoshi, MD, PhD

Tutor(s): Professor Isao Tsuneyoshi, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor Tetsuro Shirasaka, MD

Language(s): English/Japanese

Duration of the project: two weeks or one month

Period of year: all year except from Aug. 12th to 15th and from Dec. 20th to Jan. 14th

Acceptable number of students (per period/per year): 1/period, 3/year


Clinical training: training about clinical anesthesia, intensive care medicine, and pain clinic

Details of the clinical training and training contents: training management of anesthesia in daily operation case with anesthesiologists, for example cardiovascular surgery, abdominal surgery, orthopedic surgery, brain surgery and so on. There are twelve operation rooms. In intensive care medicine, training and learning about intensive care about serious case management, for example septic shock, burn, ARDS, severe pneumonia, postoperative care, and so on. There are twelve beds and many staffs in ICU. In pain clinic, you can learn about treatment of chronic pain such as post-herpetic neuralgia and complex regional pain syndrome with a pain clinic doctor.          


Research Project:

Name of the project: Effects of remifentanil on cardiovascular and sympathetic functions in conscious rats

Description of the project (including, relation to the main work of the laboratory, procedures and methods used in the project): Remifentanil is a relative new, potent and titratable ultrashort-acting, μ-opioid agonist. Opioids and opiate receptors are located in specific brain nuclei known to regulate cardiovascular activity and to be involved in modulating sympathetic nervous system activity. Several studies have demonstrated that a combination of remifentanil and intravenous anesthetics has a cardiovascular depression with both bolus and continuous infusion. Anesthesia is known to affect the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems profoundly. However, very few reports are available on the effects of remifentanil alone on the cardiovascaular and sympathetic nerve activity. In this study, therefore, we investigated the effects of remifentanil on the blood pressure, heart rate and renal sympathetic nerve activity in conscious intact, sino-aortic denervated (SAD) and anesthetized SAD plus vagotomized (SADV) rats.


Aim of the project: explore the effects and the mechanism of remifentanil on cardiovascular regulation


Requirements (if special knowledge is needed): No special knowledge is needed, but students who are interested in the research field are highly recommended.


Further information from:

Tetsuro Shirasaka