Information for Exchange Students


Name of the department: Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki

Name of the research project: Surgical anatomy of the temporal bone, Culture of skin of the external auditory canal and the tympanic membrane, Cochlear electrophysiology

Head of the department: Professor Tetsuya Tono, MD, PhD

Tutor(s): Professor Katsuhiro Toyama, MD, PhD

Associate Professor Keiji Matsuda, MD,PhD


Language(s): English/Japanese

Duration of the project: One month

Period of year: all year except from Dec. 25th to Jan. 6th and throughout August

Acceptable number of students (per period/per year): 1/period, 2/year



Description of the project (including, relation to the main work of the laboratory, procedures and methods used in the project):

Our department serves as an ear-surgery center in Kyushu and deserves to be placed among this year’s top five in Japan. We have a large number of surgical case files of otitis media, cholesteatoma, ear anomalies, and otosclerosis with pre- and postoperative CT and MRI. The student who joins our department would learn surgical skills from daily middle ear surgeries and study radiological data from diseased temporal bones and their postoperative changes. The student who prefers laboratory works would work on the projects as follows.

1. Culture of the external ear canal skin for the clinical application to cover skin defect due to various external/middle ear diseases and surgeries.

2. In vivo auditory measurements of experimental animal models of hearing loss.

3. In vitro patch clamp recordings for isolated cochlear hair cells



Aim of the project:

Both clinical and experimental study projects are available for students who are interested in otology for the future specialty.


Requirements (if special knowledge is needed): No special knowledge is needed.


Further information from:

Keiji Matsuda