Faculty of Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

The former Miyazaki Medical College was established in 1974, adopting a policy of founding new medical colleges or medical departments in existing universities in prefectures which did not yet have centers of medical education. Its 29 year history has ended, and it is now the Faculty of Medicine, UOM.

Our faculty aims to act as a regional center for medically related and co-medical education and research, have students master advanced medicine and nursing, with a policy of putting human life first, to cultivate doctors, nurses and researchers who have well-rounded personalities based on medical ethics, and to contribute towards the evaluation of medical and nursing standards and the promotion of social welfare.

School of Medicine (maximum number of admissions: 110)

The School of Medicine aims to make a contribution to the promotion of medicine and welfare towards international society, by training doctors and medical researchers who can contribute to the community and act internationally, and by cultivating persons with a deep sense of humanity who can meet the needs of an advanced and diverse medical society and society in general.

School of Nursing (maximum number of admissions: 60)

The School of Nursing aims to promote human health, welfare, and nursing skills by cultivating broad-minded specialists with a deep sense of humanity and respect towards life who can meet the needs of a growing and advanced medical welfare system.

Graduate School of Medicine

The Doctor’s Course of Medicine was established in 1980, the Master’s Course of Medical Science in 2003, and the Master’s Course of Nursing Scinece in 2005.

The Graduate School aims to contribute to the development of academia and culture by teaching and researching academic theory and its applications with further interests, and also by cultivating pepole who can contribute to developing medical fields and social welfare.

Course Majors
Master’s Course Medical Science
Nursing Science
Doctor’s Course Cytology and Organology
Host Defence Medicine
Environmental Medicine
Master’s Course (Course of Medical Science)

The Master’s Course of Medical Science aims to provide a broad view with specialized knowledge and the skills necessary to excel in research in one’s chosen field at the highest standards of advanced practice.

Master’s Course (Course of Nursing Science)

The Master’s Course of Nursing aims to further develop students’ skills in increasing patients’ quality of life, based on a sense of respect towards all life, and to cultivate prpole who can pursue their nursing skills critically, using advanced skills to solve problems.

Doctor’s Course

The Doctor’s Course of Medicine aims to cultivate researchers by training to a high-standard of research ability, resulting knowledge necessary for independence as researchers in their chosen fields.