Public Health

Information for Exchange Students



Name of the department: Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki

Name of the research project: Evaluation of relationship between some genetic polymorphism and several cancer onsets.

Head of the department: Professor Yoshiki Kuroda, MD, PhD

Tutor(s): Professor Yoshiki Kuroda, MD, PhD

Language(s): English/Japanese

Duration of the project: two weeks

Period of year: October to next January except end of the year and New Year’s holiday

Acceptable number of students (per period/per year): 1/period, 2/year


Description of the project

The cancer is induced by several chemical agents. But human body has the metabolic system for those chemical agents, and those chemical agents are metabolized and are changed safe for human body. The metabolism is influenced by variant of some DNA. So, the incidence of cancer depends on the variant of the DNA concerned metabolism of chemical agents. We will evaluate the relationship between cancer risk and the polymorphism of the genes.

 Student have to extract the DNA from blood (or hair) of some cases and control groups, and analyzed the polymorphism of some genes concerned the chemical agents metabolism.


Aim of the project:

This project’s aim is to learn the technique detecting polymorphism of target genes. And they do the statistic evaluation actually.




Requirements (if special knowledge is needed): No special knowledge is needed, but students who are interested in this research field are highly recommended.