Ultrastructural Cell Biology

Name of the department: Department of Anatomy, Ultrastructural Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki

Name of the research project: Introduction of biological electron microscopy

Head of the department: Professor Akira Sawaguchi, MD, PhD


Research Associate Fumiyo Toyoshima, MD, PhD

Research Associate Nobuyasu Takahashi, MD, PhD


Language(s): English/Japanese

Duration of the project: Two weeks

Period of year: March

Acceptable number of students (per period/per year): 2/year


Description of the project:

Our studies are focused on the functional morphology of gastric parietal cells associated with gastric acid secretion at the electron microscopic level. In this Exchange Students program, we are pleased to introduce you a basic procedure of biological sample preparation for electron microscopy.



Aim of the project: To be familiar with biological sample preparation for electron microscopy.


Requirements (if special knowledge is needed): No special knowledge is needed, but students who are interested in electron microscopy are highly recommended.


Further information from:

Akira Sawaguchi